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Whether a client wants a strategic communications campaign, seeks advice on how to prepare for a speech in front of Congress, needs a political risk management plan, or is simply looking for a Fortune 100 media relations initiative honing in on three crucial message points during TV, radio, print and online interviews, no assignment is off-limits to CEO Advisors. 

News Cameras

Today's 24/7 media cycle is relentless, as well as exciting to be a part of. In fact, there is nothing more thrilling than when the media celebrates you and your business. But when they don’t, news forces are ruthless—they can post dangerous misconceptions on the Internet and publish hurtful accusations across tabloid headlines—all of which can kill a reputation that took years to develop in mere minutes. For two decades, CEO Advisors, an internationally recognized, high-level strategic communications corporation headquartered in New York City and San Diego, proudly stands by a highly confidential, tailor-made approach for each conglomerate and its executive team. The company is often sought out by many—law firms, boards of directors, venture capitalists, academic institutions, and foundations, as example—to jump start their company’s reputation expeditiously and/or help them to stay at the top of their industry. CEO Advisors also spearheads strategies for a global list of well-known personalities at the height of their careers or caught in unfavorable spotlights, helping them to unravel negative press in favor of reinvention. 


Jan Strode, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, CEO Advisors, founded the company two decades ago.


Prior to creating the firm, Strode was Executive Vice President for Great American Bank, where she ran media relations, marketing and advertising; Chief Administrative Officer & Vice President, Jenny Craig International, where she headed up corporate communications, IT and product development (from concept to marketplace), as well as publishing; Vice Chairman, Franklin Advertising Division, where, under her supervision, the company increased its billings from 3 million to 40 million; and Vice President, Director of Consumer Affairs, Firestone Tires, where, as the first woman to join the C-suite management team, she handled all government affairs issues, including testifying before the U.S. Senate on the largest product recall in the country before Tylenol. She was also the founder of two wellness companies (listed on NASDAQ), as well as a creator of a publishing company, which has sold over one million books.



"Any executive with a smartphone knows that mobile devices, digital technologies and social networks have shifted power from the few to the many. Today 140 characters tweeted from someone's living room can ignite a revolution, eviscerate a reputation or hijack a company's well intended message. For leaders, this means a shift in focus and a need to get comfortable with the unknown. My company has the expertise to respond to the unexpected—to be resilient in matters that require more than proper planning.” 

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